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There isn't really a license that will guarantee you the right to charter a sailboat. Our American Sailing Association Certification program will help you earn both Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising certification. That and some experience is enough for most charter companies. If you choose to go on to the Bareboat Chartering certification, our course will give you the prerequisites necessary to take that course.

It is a non-governmental organization dedicated to sailing education. By establishing standards for sailing schools, the ASA enables us to offer a certification that is internationally recognized by charter and insurance companies.

Their certifications standards are very similar. The ASA program followed by Lighthouse Landing is more widely used.

The course requires moderate physical activity since you will need to easily move around the boat from one side to the other and from front to back.

No, I'm sorry. The classes are structured for 4 students; neither you nor the other students would have the kind of experience we feel you deserve if we expanded the class size. We would be happy to take your name just in case there is a cancellation, or we could look at some of the other dates to see if we can come up with a match for you.

We like to see young people getting involved in sailing, but at this time we don't have a youth course. It would be better for him to learn on a small boat that he could handle by himself, like a Sunfish or Optimist. The minimum age for participation in Lighthouse Landing non-family group sailing courses is 16.

That should be a great family experience. Our classes are normally designed for four students of at least 16 years old but we can accommodate your group. By reserving an entire class for your family we can accept up to six participants and include the children in the course. The instructor will be able to certify the younger children as crew. Your older child's full certification will depend on how well he/she does and is left to the discretion of the instructor.

All of our courses use the Colgate 26. It was designed in cooperation with one of the countries leading sailing instruction professionals. It is designed to make learning safe, fun and easy. The United States Naval Academy at Annapolis has selected the C 26 for their sail-training program.

Yes. Our training boat is the Colgate 26. It has all the same sail controls and equipment you will find on well-equipped larger boats. It is more nimble and responsive than bigger boats so you will learn faster and easier.

Our instructors are focused on making you comfortable on the sailboat. The C 26 is a very safe sailboat. It is unsinkable, can't be capsized and has a large secure cockpit. USCG and Lighthouse Landing safety equipment is always onboard.

Many of our students own or plan to get their own boat. They tell us they are better and more confident sailors after taking one of our sailing courses. Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your boating policy when you successfully complete the course.
The Basic Sailing instructor is a local sailor who has been ASA Instructor Certified and is a USCG licensed captain. He is also ASA certified and has the USCG Masters license.
We offer the Basic Coastal Cruising certification in our Practical Sailing course. In addition to Basic Coastal Cruising you will get a review of Basic Keelboat and lots of hands on practice in this course.
Our classes normally have four students. You can limit the class size to two but you would have to pay tuition for a full class. We find most people have a better learning experience with a full class.
No. You will come back to the dock for a lunch break. There are several restaurants close by. Lighthouse Landing has several picnic tables around the resort if you want to have your lunch break on the grounds.
Most certainly. Kentucky Lake is part of one of the largest man made bodies of water in the world. It is protected from the large seas you may find on the coast and is clean, fresh water. Our county has more miles of commercial waterways than any other county in the lower 48 states so you will learn how to deal with commercial traffic. Kentucky Lake is large enough that we never feel crowded. Most of all, our beautifully sailing Colgate 26s and excellent staff assure you will have a really great time learning to sail.

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